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Simple Sign In.

Sign in your patients, clients, or visitors. Ever had an audit from an insurance company? Or maybe you just need a simple way to sign in clients at your business? Our app makes it easy to track, time stamp, and prove presence for patient visits.

Designed & coded in the USA.


Simple: It's in the Name.

01. Fast & Easy -

Get your clients signed in quickly and efficiently. You can capture first & last name, signature, and optionally, a picture for proof of presence. The system captures the time stamp of the sign in as well.

02. Cost-Effective -

Only $20/mo for USA customers. Your subscription can be restored on additional supported iOS devices to support multiple locations.* It's as simple as that.

03. Easy PDF Exports -

Easily select a date range or visitor name and export your sign in data to a PDF that you can email for your records. All data is stored on the iPad or iPhone only, so no need to create an account.

*Requires associating the device, downloading the app, and restoring the subscription using the same Apple ID used to purchase the subscription. Apple does place certain limits on number of associated devices to an Apple ID.

It's Time for an Office Upgrade.

If you're still using paper to sign in your clients, or are looking for a simpler digital solution, look no further than Simple Sign In. If you're missing one or more of our features created specifically for offices like yours, then give our app a try. A designated iPad and stand is all you need to get started; links above and below.

iPad Stand



Simple Sign In was created with offices like you in mind. With audits and regulation on the rise, we created a tool to make documentation for your practice as simple as possible.


Our mission is to give you one less thing to worry about in your practice. Audits can be stressful; having Simple Sign In gives you peace of mind.


We created a solution that is easily affordable to every practice in the nation, and we extend our offering worldwide. This is why we created a simple, cost-effective solution, that clients of every age intuitively understand.



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