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  • Brian Dragotto

3 Tips to Impress Patients When Entering Your Practice

As the owner of a physical therapy office, your top priority is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients. From the moment they step through the door, a top priority is to make their experience as positive and stress-free as possible. Here are three winning strategies to differentiate yourself from other practices in order to increase repeat-customers, referrals, and earn 5 star reviews.

1) A friendly smile goes a long way, and so does offering a beverage.

Begin by greeting each patient with a warm smile and offering them a refreshing beverage while they wait. Create a waiting area designed with comfort in mind, featuring cozy seating and calming décor. An easy beverage setup includes a Keurig or Nespresso machine, a water cooler with a hot option for tea, and of course, water. Investing in $.40 per patient to offer a coffee or tea goes a very long way for return on investment. I would also suggest a selection of reading materials and a television to help pass the time.

2) Use a digital sign-in solution, like the Simple Sign In app, to create a seamless and modern sign-in process for patients.

Instead of patients filling out paper forms, you can use a digital sign-in solution to easily and securely input patient information on a tablet. The process is quick and convenient, saving both you and the patient you time and hassle. More than ever, clients are expecting a digital, quick experience.

Not only is the digital sign-in solution more efficient, it also helps protect client's personal information. Your data is securely stored and protected offline, ensuring that it is not vulnerable to loss or theft.

In addition to the security and convenience benefits, the digital sign-in solution also helps reduce the physical therapy office's environmental impact. By eliminating the need for paper forms, you are able to save trees and reduce waste.

Overall, the digital sign-in solution is a win-win for both the physical therapy office and its patients. It streamlines the check-in process, enhances security, and helps the environment.

3) Make it personal.

As customers become repeat or routine, make it an absolute priority for the organization to greet them by first name. Additionally, during their appointment, our physical therapists take the time to listen to each patient's concerns and goals, tailoring their treatment plan to their specific needs. Check up on these goals as the patient comes in.

In addition to high-quality treatment, also prioritize patient education. Provide patients with the resources and knowledge they need to continue their recovery at home and prevent future injuries.

We understand that seeking physical therapy can be intimidating, which is why we go above and beyond to create software to patients feel at ease and comfortable throughout their visit. By creating a positive and supportive atmosphere, we hope to help your business earn repeat customers, 5 star reviews, and referrals.

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